Sunday 23 August 2020


C Summary (4Y3M23D): Montessori Sandpaper Letter

I felt like I haven't seen daylight for half a year. I started a new job. I really enjoyed my work, but didn't have the self-discipline to keep a balance, as the demands came in. Plus a colleague resigned in May and I was called in to stand in for her until a replacement was found. That intensified work for the last 2.5 months of also during spilling over to some weekends. 

I have neglected the education of my children as a result. I finally quit and served my last day on 7 August. It was a rather emotional time for me. It was the first time in my life I have resigned without another job. And I have left my 15 years with the UN so abruptly.

It was at the same time liberating. I am no longer squeezed between a rock and a stone - thinking of the work I left unfinished when I was with my children and carrying the guilt of not spending time when them when I was working.

And God was gracious. He comforted me from my grief of losing my job with my children. I slowly started doing school time with Baby FECS. Actually, I didn't start. I was still recovering from the over-work from the last six months and the loss of my job. But Baby FECS led me to school time. She has been choosing books on phonics and asking me to read to her. She also plays a part unknowingly on my healing and recovery to get on my feet again, after the very intense period of the last six months.

Today, she chose the letter g. I started bringing in the sandpaper letter today too. We traced the letter 'g' today.

23 August 2020 (4Y3M7D): Here she picked the wrong letter, 'f' instead of 'g' :-)

She really traced with her fingers, until the past, where she wasn't interested. She also repeated after me very willingly the words that start with the letter 'g'.

I thank God for such moments of joy and comfort with our kids.

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