Tuesday 25 August 2020


Homemade Vanilla Chocolate-chips Ice-cream Without Using Ice-cream Machine

Serves 8

Preparation Time: 45 minutes (excluding freezing)


1. 600ml whipped cream (piskefløde)
2. 6 egg yolks
3. 6 TBS sugar (approx. 72 g)
4. 2 tsp vanilla sugar (approx. 8 g)
5. 1 tsp vanilla powder (optional)
6. 100g chocolate chips
7. 100g chopped almonds


1. In a mixing bowl, add egg yolk, sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until airy and combined with a hand mixer.

2. In another bigger mixing bowl, add whipped cream and beat until a yogurt-like consistency is reached with a hand mixer.

3. Add the egg yolk mixture into the whipped cream, folding and combining them gently with a spatula.

4. Add in the chocolate chips and the chopped almonds and mix well.

5. Transfer into a container and freeze overnight. Enjoy :-)

Additional Information:

This is a very easy recipe. You don't need an expensive ice-cream machine. It is a recipe I got from the Danish newspapers for kids Børne Avisen. It tasted just like store-bought ice-cream - rich and creamy, but not overly sweet like the store-bought ones. It's of course still not so healthy as it is made of whipped cream. But my kids love this recipe. So it is a once-a-while indulgence. I use the pasteurized egg yolks. Daddy FECS and the kids love it :-) I made this with Baby FECS on 23 August 2020 (4Y3M7D). She really enjoyed it.

At bedtime, I said it is time for her to sleep. She said, "No." A minute later, she said, "Sorry Mommy." I think it is because I have spent time with her making the ice-cream. I quit my job and my last day was 7 August. For the past 6 months, I had been so busy working that I haven't spent much time with her. Within just two weeks, we have a different level of closeness. She was very thankful and discipline gets easier. I am recording this, as I want to remember this. And I am thankful to Daddy FECS for allowing me to be a SAHM.

 6 egg yolks

Vanilla powder

Vanilla sugar 


 Beat egg yolk mixture

  Egg yolk mixture done

 Cream (piskefløde)

 Whip cream

 Combine egg yolk mixture with whipped cream and gently fold them with a spatula

 Add chocolate

Add chopped almonds

 Transfer to a container

 Cover and freeze for at least 3 hours

 Original Danish recipe

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