Monday 23 August 2021


Beef Stroganoff



Beef Stroganoff:

1. 600g beef in strips
2. 2 cloves garlic chopped
3. 400g onions chopped (or about 8 onions chopped)
4. 400g white or brown button mushrooms chopped
5. 400g cocktail sausages
6. 1 can of tomato puree (140g)
7. 200ml cream (piskefløde)
8. 100ml sour cream (cremefraiche 18%)
9. 1 tsp paprika powder
10. Salt & pepper to taste
11. 3 TBS red wine

Mashed potatoes:

1. 1kg potatoes peeled
2. 100ml full cream fresh milk 3.5%
3. 10g butter
4. Salt & pepper to taste


Beef Stroganoff:

1. In a pan, add cooking oil, fry and brown beef and remove.

2. In a pan, add cooking oil, fry garlic, onions. Add mushrooms and fry the mushrooms for a minute or two.

3. Add back the beef, add cocktail sausages, red wine, tomato puree, paprika powder, cream (piskefløde), salt and pepper.

4. Cover with lid and simmer for 1-155 hours under medium low fire (no. 2.5 on my stove)

5. When the meat is tender, add sour cream, stir and cook through under medium-low fire.

6. Serve with rice, pasta or mash potatoes

 Mashed potatoes:

1. Boil potatoes in a pot without salt for 30 minutes or until cooked.

2. Drain the water.

3. Mash the potatoes, add milk, butter, salt and pepper and mix well.

Additional Information:

Daddy FECS love this dish. I followed the recipe in the reference link. At first, I thought using 400g of onions is a lot, but it turned out the recipe was right. I added cocktail sausages as Baby FECS loves them. I normally serve it with some fried vegetables or some salad on the side. 


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