Friday 15 April 2022


Indoor Play Land with Dinosaur Theme - Dinos Legeland


We had a great time at Dinos Legeland Indoor Playland today. It provides fun opportunity for children to jump around, over-coming obstacles, a great way to train their gross motor skills that is full of fun. Baby FECS was very agile. She could handle all the slides without fear. 

Remember to wear socks, as you are not allowed into the play area bare feet or wearing shoes. There are socks for sale for 29 DKK if you forget.

Asger Jorns Allé 4, 
2300 Kbh S

After entering, you place your belongings in the locker. There is a wardrobe where you can hang your jacket and place your shoes. Lockers are available to place your belongings, but it costs 10 DKK.

Then you walk up a flight of stairs and to your right you can buy the tickets at the ticket counter near left of the restaurant. 

It's more suited for slightly older kids, as the slides and obstacles can be quite challenging for smaller kids. Our friend who is 6 years old found it challenging and didn't dare to try some of the rides, but our Baby FECS who is 5.5 years old has no fear and tried all the rides. She is also motoric very developed for her age.

But there is a Miniland for the youngest 0 - 4 years old that Baby FECS at 5 years old also enjoyed very much.

Walking pass the Miniland, you reach the main area of the play land, where the large volcano float is the center piece:

On the side of the volcano, are these surrounding play structures:

It's huge and have plenty of head height space (compared to Singapore) and lots of creatively arranged structures. Even I enjoyed it very much playing there. 

We tried all the activities and we tried to take photos of them here:

The play land is so big and like a maze. These activities on the side of the play land we almost missed:

There is a separate room where you can climb. We were so fortunate we could have the whole room to ourselves today:

There is a restaurant with a huge seating capacity.

The counter of the restaurant is displayed with all sorts of sweets, proving to be a headache for me, hearing all the whining of wanting to buy candy. This part I really dislike about the Dinos Legeland.

The kids burgers are value for money costing ony 49 DKK, but we tried the Fish n Chips instead as we were in the mood for fish. It tasted really good. the fries were just so so.

Towards the end, I decided to give the two girls a small treats. They shared a smallest size slur ice for 290DKK and it was more than sufficient. you fill up the slur ice yourselves.

You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the playland. There is an area where you could eat your lunchbox.

Entrance includes all play except bumper cars, electric cars and mini cars. These rides below cost 10 DKK per try:

This Dinosaur theme indoor Playland is just next to Vestamager Metro station. 

Bus no. 32 and 33 go there.

If you drive, you can park at the red port to the nature park for free for 6 hours at Otto Baches  Allé.

14 April 2022 (5Y10M29D)

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