Sunday 15 May 2022


Baby FECS 6th Birthday's Teddy Bear Tea Party for Little Girls


It's every little girl's dream (or mommy's dream) to have a Teddy Bear Tea Party. We hold it at home for the kids or during play date. Today, we held it for Baby FECS' 6th birthday.

We tried to keep it simple except the essentials - kids' size tea set, dessert stand, teddy bear paper napkins and balloons.

We could have kept it even simpler by buying food, but I very much like to serve natural organic food, so I prepared the food myself - apple chips, banana chips, kale chips, potato chips, carrot in rose-petal shape, teddy bear-shaped strawberry jam tea sandwiches, oat energy balls, strawberries dipped in melted chocolate.

We bought the teddy bear-shaped ham from Netto Supermarket. We bought the teddy bear paper napkins from

I serve non-caffeine raspberry rooibos tea today. The girls can sweeten the tea themselves with a little spoonful of honey in a jar on the side. Other non-caffeine option could be honey drink, chocolate milk, Camilla tea, Chinese red date tea, etc.

We actually ran out of time for most of the activities, as the little girls enjoyed the high tea so much that we spent more than an hour having tea.

It was time to say good-bye, Baby FECS gave each girl the signature warm teddy bear hug by lifting each girl off their feet that she learned from one of her best friends, Isabella. I couldn't have taught her that, so thank you, Isabella.

Tea time is also a wonderful way to bond with your kids:

Below is our plan that I am archiving here for future reference and for your inspiration, if it is helpful:

Guest List

Make a guest list of the guests you would like to invite.


1. Tomato on mozzarella cheese
2. Carrot rose and cucumber sticks
3. Dumplings
4. Teddy bear-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches
5. Teddy bear peanut butter or strawberry jam tea sandwiches
6. Teddy bear-shaped banana bread
7. Carrot in rose petal shape
8. Mini water-melon
9. Raisins in raspberries snack
10. Strawberries, blueberries and grapes dipped in melted chocolate
11.   Grapes
12. Apple delights with muesli
13. Oat energy balls
14. Chocolate energy balls
15. Apple chips
16. Banana chips
17. Danish ryebread chips
18. Homemade potato chips
19. Homemade roasted Kale chips
20. Homemade popcorn
21.   Homemade pancakes or waffles
22.   Homemade ice-cream with biscuit cones
23.   Homemade pizza with mushrooms
24. Teddy bear chocolate walnut cake


1. Fruit infused water
2. Raspberry rooibos tea
3. Chocolate milk
4. Freshly squeezed orange juice


1. Read a story books on Teddy bear (in English, Danish and Chinese for us)
2. Jump on rubber band rope to the Teddy bear song 
3. Bake teddy bear bread
4. Make teddy bear necklace 
5. Make Teddy Bear bookmark
6. Draw and paint their teddy bear
7. Toss the teddy bear
8. Play musical chair with teddy bear
9. Board game
10. Eat Teddy bear cake
11. Blow bubbles
12. Play kids’ board game

Sample Schedule:

1. 2.00pm: Arrive
2. 2.00-2.30pm: Free play
3. 2.30-3.30pm: Tea-time
4. 3.30-4pm: Read a teddy bear books
5. 4.00-4.15pm: Play Teddy Bear Says – like Simon Says
6. 4.15-4.30pm: Play board games for little children
7. 4.30-4.45pm: Play skipping rubber band rope to the Teddy Bear song
8. 4.45-5.00pm: Serve mini water-melons
9. 5.00-5.15pm: Make teddy bear necklaces
10. 5.15-5.30pm: Montessori birthday circle
11. 5.30-5.45pm: Blow candles and eat Teddy bear birthday cake
12. 5.45 pm: Thank you and good-bye

Teddy Bear Song to sing with skipping rubber band rope:

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, skip, skip, skip
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, touch your head,
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch your toes,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, jump up high,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, raise your hand,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, wave good-bye.


Five days ago, we started preparing. Here Baby FECS was helping me to make banana chips:

11 May 2022: C at almost 6 years old helping mommy to slice banana for her birthday party on Sunday.

Two days before the tea party, Baby FECS and I had a trial run of making the strawberries dipped in melted chocolate... yummy:

A day before the tea party, I made teddy bear tea sandwiches and stored them in the fridge until the actual party the next day:

I also made oat energy balls and stored them in the freezer. So many things to prepare, phew, thank God that this can be done way in advance:

We laid the table. Baby FECS had fun playing pretend tea time with the teddy bear, while I was thinking of how to best lay the table:

Baby FECS wanted to give a name seating place to each little guest. She asked me to write their names in dots so that she could traced it out:

She then place each name tag on each cup where each guest should sit according to Danish tradition: We had fun pinning a bow on each ear of the teddy bear. We took the whole day to prepare. Baby FECS ended up going to bed a little late, oh oh:

Baby FECS said it is a Teddy Bear Tea Party, thus, she thought of an idea to stick teddy bear stickers onto the tea set:

I picked up some story books with teddy bears in English, Danish and Chinese to read to the little FECS as part of the activities:

Setting the table continued the day before the tea party:

On the actual day, Baby FECS helped to blow the balloons:

Baby FECS got tired:

Daddy FECS helped to put up the decorations:

Getting ready on the actual day:

While I was preparing the table for the little girls, Baby FECS has been preparing the picnic tea party for the teddy bears:

Baby FECS fell and hurt herself near the eye about an hour before the guests arrive. Thank God the eye was narrowly missed, but it was painful for her the whole time. Still she bravely receive the guests.

I baked this chocolate cake so many times and it all turned out well each time. It's the only chocolate cake that Daddy FECS likes. A colleague baked it to work and Daddy FECS liked it so much that he asked him for the recipe. 

But just as when we were expecting guests, the cake failed twice. Three hours before the party, I decided to re-do and bake another cake. Time was running out, the guests were coming and Baby FECS wanted to help me!! I was stressed.

I decided to let go of being busy and trying to get a birthday cake out, but just let Baby FECS enjoy her time with me. Worst case we will do without a cake. 

Alas. the cake failed again, too burnt on the outside near the feet of the teddy bear and too watery and soft on the inside. But it didn't collapse completely like the first. So I managed to put it on a plate.

I think I made the right decision to give my time and presence to play and bake with Baby FECS instead of trying to get a birthday cake out for the party.

One-to-one time with kids are running out as they are growing up so fast...

Life is not always smooth sailing. Baby FECS hurt herself and the Murphy's law always seems to be at work. But God is good and with us all the time. His presence and love was there at the party. 

She saw a girl all by herself upstairs when the other girls had all came down. She went upstairs, held her hands and walked her down. She asked her if she would like to play with her. She suggested the different things they could play together. This is what Jesus has always wanted to teach us, to be compassionate and kind.

It's a comfort to my heart to see Baby FECS living out what she learns in church to be kind to everyone. Yesterday she learned to serve others. She told me that she played with each and every girl with all her heart. She wasn't selective. This is very precious to me.

Baby FECS has been asking the whole day, when the guests will be arriving. Finally the little guests arrived:

Welcoming our special guests. Each of you are so special, beautiful and precious in God's sight. May God bless your friendship and watch over your growing up.

We started off with playing pretend teddy bear tea picnic, before proceeding to the real tea time. The girls had fun with the favorite teddy bear that they brought:

Next to it, there is a LEGO table set up for those who preferred to play with LEGO:

Not all the little girls know one another beforehand. After half an hour or so, the ice was finally broken, and there were a lot of laughter:

After putting the last finishing touch and brewing the tea, it's time to go to the table. But first a little group photo session. I tried to make them smile for the group photo session by hitting my butt with a balloon and making putt putt sound - that worked and generated some rolling laughter :-)

Time to have tea. The girls really enjoyed trying the little snacks and pouring tea from themselves from little tea pot and sweeten it lightly with a touch of honey from the little jar. I use caffeine-free raspberry rooibos tea for this occasion.

Half mini water-melon in a bowl for each guest - that the kids always enjoy this during a play date - but today, it was too much of a good thing. Could have left it out.

Time to sing happy birthday song, blow candles and cut cake.

Baby FECS gave each girl a signature warm hug she learned from one of her best friend, Isabella :-):

After the tea party, Baby FECS requested to go to IKEA for dinner. Her wish was fulfilled that day :-)

Having grandparents over for tea and dinner the following day on the actual birthday 16 May 2022

Decorating the mermaid cake:

Mommy and Daddy's present to Baby FECS was a tooth holder :-)

Little FECS was so sweet to go and shop for a birthday gift for his little sister. He bought a bubble machine. Baby FECS was so happy to receive it.

Baby FECS was so happy to receive her present from Singapore - a little golden monkey :-)

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