Saturday 14 January 2017


C Summary (7M30D): Mastered A Real Kiss

Tonight, for the first time, C kissed with a "smuak" sound for the first time. And she kissed me, Daddy and J :-)

Friday 13 January 2017


C Summary (7M29D): A Special Kiss for Mommy

I was upset and sad over something today. This evening, while putting C to bed, she kissed me on the cheek (by planting her lips on my cheek for a few seconds, not exactly a real kiss, but as much a kiss as a baby could), as though she was saying, "Mommy, I know you are sad. I just want to comfort you. I love you so much." They were special kisses reserved just meant for me, as she kissed J only after much coaxing and refused to kiss Daddy, no matter how I coaxed her.

Friday 6 January 2017


Luggage Double-Up As Make-Shift Baby Cot

As first time parents with our first baby, we thought we needed all those baby equipment. All those baby equipment cost a fortune, take up space and actually add stress to our lives. We traveled and packed travel cot with our first baby. We realized that many of the baby equipment is not needed, and they actually add stress to our life.

With our second baby, we managed to travel lighter, doing away with the travel cot. We use the luggage to double-up as the make-shift travel cot instead. We used the adult size pillow from the hotel  room as "mattress" in the suitcase for Baby FECS. We succeeded to make Baby FECS (7M25D)  falling asleep in the luggage "baby cot" today during our first evening in Sydney :-)


C Summary (7m20d): Said "Da Da" & Kissed Mommy For the First Time

5 December 2016 (7m20d): On the flight to Sydney today, I noticed Baby FECS said "da da" as like daddy clearly for the first time today. I kissed her, and put her to my face to kiss me back. She planted her lips on my face and gave me some kind of a kiss, at least that was what I felt she was trying to do. Then she smiled. This went on for several time.
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