Saturday 8 September 2018


Easy Ready-To-Bake Danish Ryebread

I am still experimenting how to make easy bread. I bought this easy ready-to-bake rye bread mix from Irma supermarket.

Here is the instructions in Danish

 Here is the white cap

Open the cap

Add 450ml of lukewarm water, cap back and shake well

Remove the whole cover and check that it is mixed well. I find that I still need to stir and mix it with a spoon. You can bake it straight from the paper pack.

I prefer to bake it in a bread dish. Oil the bread dish with olive oil to prevent sticking, before transferring the mixture into the bread dish.


Cover and let the dough rise for 30 mins

It has risen :-)

Bake in oven at 190 degree celsius...

for 60 mins:-)

Now it is done :-)

As usual, I am running late. Supposed to get the bread baked by 9.15am this morning for our Little FECS to eat before his Chinese class. But I didn't make it. I was having a cozy time with Baby FECS this morning and only started the work around 8am.

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