Saturday 6 August 2022


The Road Ahead (Lyrics & Music Score)

The Road Ahead 

Verse 1:
One man on an island
One drop in the sea
All it takes to set a wave in motion

Is a single word, an action
A hope that we can be
The change that we've been
Longing to see

For our home, our land, our family
It's all within our reach

See this island, every grain of sand
Hear this anthem, it's the voices of our friends
Come whatever on the road ahead
We did it before, and we'll do it again

Verse 2:
When the moments turn to hours
And the day's last light is gone
Look around us always and remember

There were times we were uncertain
But we just kept walking on
It's always darkest just before the dawn


Our home, the home we share
Where the garden always grows toward the light
Though the road ahead is daunting
I know we're gonna be alright

Chorus x2

Additional Information:

Singapore National Day is coming up on 9 of August, and I am trying to teach Baby FECS and Little FECS this national song. This song was last year's National Day's theme song and is our niece, YQ's favorite song. She asked for this song during their visit in June during bedtime "hygge". It is also our favorite song. So we will try to learn to sing it by heart and remind us of our time together in June. Oh how I miss all of you :-)


Tuesday 2 August 2022


The Best Outdoor Obstacle Course in Denmark (Junglesti)


Baby FECS really loves the outdoor obstacle course. By far the the best one we have come across in Denmark is the one at Sommerland Sjælland, a popular amusement park among Danes. You have to pull a raft across river, walk across a hanging bridge, go through a dark maze-like hut, swing across water, etc.

Little FECS had a great time there during his childhood too. Unfortunately, this outdoor obstacle course is quite far away, an hour's drive from Copenhagen, and it is not free, as it is not located in a nature park. Thus, you need to buy entrance ticket to the amusement park. So going there just for the outdoor obstacle course is not worth it, but fortunately the amusement park has a lot of other fun stuff to offer. So next time we have a visit from our little nieces and nephews from Singapore, we really hope to bring them there - that's the reason for this post :-) I just want to do my homework beforehand, while the memory is still fresh in my mind :-) 

We have also wrote a separate post for our visit to Sommerland Sjælland, which you can read here:


Normal tickets cost 289 DKK. Buying your tickets on-line gave you a discount of 10 DKK for the normal tickets. If you are a member of FDM, you get further discount and we paid 215 DKK per ticket.

If you buy a fixed day ticket on-line, you will pay 169 DKK per ticket, but being Denmark, with unpredictable weather conditions, we decided against this offer.

For the month of July, there are also circus. Going to circus is an expensive affair in Denmark, with ticket costing 500 DKK, thus it is value for money to go there during July as the admission ticket includes also the circus show.

For the most updated information on opening hours and admission prices, click here:


Gl. Nykøbingvej 169
4572 Nr. Asmindrup

+45 59312100

By Car

From Copenhagen, it takes a little more than an hour to drive to the park and 2.5 hours by train. We drove to the park. The first thing upon arrival by car, you will drive-through to buy or show your pre-purchased tickets.  There are ample parking available in the park.

Thereafter, as you follow the road, you will arrive at the open field carpark. Here are more information and a picture of the carpark:

You can find your way there here:

By Train

If you choose to go by train, there is a package including admission tickets. Check their website for more infromation:

If you are arriving by train, here is how the train station at Sommerland looks like:

Here are some pictures of the outdoor obstacle course:

We particularly love the suspended bridge...

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