Monday 27 April 2020


J Summary (11Y1M22D): Heritage Education

This evening for bedtime, J requested me to continue to read to him the Singapore story. I hold it close to my heart, that he wants to understand mommy's homeland better.

Press on, Singapore... during this Coronavirus times.

Saturday 25 April 2020


Hiking in the Forest at Nørreskoven ved Furesøen

It has been amazing spring weather in Denmark consecutively for weeks these days during the Coronavirus times.

It's Saturday and we decided to go for a walk in the forest, and at the same time perhaps bake some Danish twist bread over a bonfire, of course, still practicing the safe distancing.

Daddy FECS found a forest nearby that we have not explored - Nørreskoven bed Furesøen which are equipped with spots for bonfire along the Furesø lake. 

Nørreskoven bed Furesøen is just along the Furesø lake and it turned out to be a very beautiful forest. There was practically no one, apart from one family that we passed by for the half part of the walk in the forest. 

C was looking for beetles and found a beautiful beetle along the way...

The forest was covered with a whole bed of anemone flowers... very beautiful

 We followed the hiking track marked out by the yellow spots and arrow along the way. It was very easy to follow and navigate.

 The hiking track is 4.5 km and took us two hours to get into the bonfire spot, perhaps because we were looking around and stopping to catch mice and to look out for snakes (snakes in Denmark are common but rarely seen unless you look out for them. And they are harmless)

 The forest leads down to the Furesø lake

 Baby FECS got a little tired of walking and we had to encourage her to walk :-)

What a cozy home for an animal... possibly the home of some mice...

But as we near the bonfire spots, all of the spots were taken. It seemed many others have the same idea as us. So we had to walk even further...

Finally, we found an empty one. There was fire already being put out, suggesting that someone was there before us, but had left. It made our job of starting the fire easier.

 Setting up the bonfire at a fireplace at Nørreskoven forest

Preparing and carving the sticks

 Baby FECS baking snobrød

The snobrød is done :-)

Below is a map of the hiking trail we went.

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