Tuesday 21 April 2020


Frogs, Toads & Tadpoles

10 April 2020 (11Y1M5D, 3Y10M24D)

It's spring time!!! It's the time of the year, where there will soon be tadpoles. At the pond at Furesø Virum...

10 April 2020 (11Y1M5D, 3Y10M24D)

12 April 2020

 13 April 2020 (11Y1M8D)

Setting the toad off

At the swampy area near Lyngby lakes

13 April 2020

Sunday 20 April 2020 caught some frog eggs. Took it home to our frog aquarium all set up a week ago for this moment. So exciting!!!

 The cell started to multiply...

21 April 2020
The aquarium with the rock and the branches picked up from the lake near our home. The water plant was bought from DBA.

21 April 2020

They are getting bigger and turning into tadpoles. They are moving a lot.

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