Thursday 16 April 2020


C Summary: C Took Her First Step on a Pedal Bicycle

16 April 2020 (3Y11M0D): Some sweet moments to thank and look back on during Coronavirus days...

We got to be there when C took her first step on a pedal bicycle (with two supporting wheels on).

The Easter flowers blooming in one of the super good spring weather in Denmark... although most time, I could only admire it from indoors due to the lock down (yes, we are taking the lock down as seriously as we can, only going to supermarkets as necessity and only going there during 12 midnight where there is no one at the supermarket)

The bike ride out with C, we have to do our best to social distance... what a irony. For years, I felt that there are so few people on the streets of Denmark, this year is the first year that I felt there are so many people on the street and also in the forest).

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