Wednesday 15 February 2012


Children Chore Chart

Age: This chore chart is meant for 5 years old and above (For younger children, reduce the number of assigned tasks accordingly as fit)

  1. To equip the child with life skills from healthy daily habits.
  2. To provide motivation to the child to do the chores
  3. To teach counting in a tangible way.
  1. 1 Weekly Chore Chart A3 size per week consisting of 20 assigned chores per day (Download the excel version here)
  2. 14 reward coupons or counters (I found this from Confessions of a Homeschooler)
  1. There are 20 chores on the chart grouped into morning, afternoon and evening chores
  2. The Chore Chart starts anew each week.
  3. As the child completes a chore each day, he makes a tick for that corresponding day's chore.
  4. If the child completes at least 50% of the day's chores i.e. at least 10 chores, he receives a coupon.
  5. If the child completes all the day's 20 chores, he gets an extra bonus coupon.
  6. At the end of the week, count up all the coupons he gets.
  7. Each coupon can be redeemed for 10 minutes worth of TV/video/computer game time or SGD 20 cents. The child can redeem up to 12.60 SGD per month (0.20 SGD x 7 x 4.5).
  8. The child can choose to redeem his coupon immediately or save up for something he wishes to purchase later.
Additional Information:

Children with ADHD need to know exactly what others expect from them, and a chore chart serves as a clear and consistent way to provide them with reminders.

The chore chart and its corresponding coupon acts as a reward system for things like remembering to pack school bag the night before and completing homework before dinner. Such a reward system works best for children, especially ADHD children, because the rewards are tangible and immediate.

I made this for each of the children, and pinned it up on a wall near the kitchen. He has been very glad for it. It helps him to remember the tasks he needs to do, everytime he is going to the kitchen.


The excel chart works for me, but if you prefer something more fanciful and attractive for younger children than my excel chart, there are some nice ones from Amazon:

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