Wednesday 28 December 2016


Baby Food of the Day: Blueberries Finger Food (7M13D)

28 December 2016 (7M13D): Baby FECS having blueberries as finger food for the first time. At first, I was a little hesitant whether it would be safe, but Daddy FECS was pretty sure that it would be fine. It was totally fine. She could gum it well.


Time Tables Lotto

Age: from 7 years old

Objective: To help children to become more confident with their time tables in a fun way.

It consists of 4 boards for 4 players and the associated cards to match the boards.


Here is how you play:

Additional Information:

Daddy FECS and I played this with J (7Y9M23D) today. He knew all the answers from his board and could do all of them. We had a lot of fun with it. It is a fun way to help kids to master time table. It is more suited for kids who have already been exposed to multiplication and are finding a way to consolidate learning. We played the Game 2 matching equivalents. Next time we would play the Game 3 Bingo.

28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

 28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

 28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

 28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

We bought this fraction board game from Amazon:

Tuesday 27 December 2016


Baby Food for the Day: Millet Pancake for the First Time (7M12D)

27 December 2016 (7M12D): BAby FECS tried my homemade whole grain millet pancake with brewer's yeast and wheat bran today. She loved it :-) For recipe, see my post here:

27 December 2016 (7M12D)

28 December 2016 (7M13D)

Saturday 24 December 2016


Baby Food of the Day: Cantaloupe (7M9D)

24 December 2016 (7M9D): Finished eating a wedge of canteloupe for the first time 


Baby Food of the Day: Cauliflower for the First Time (7M9D)

24 December 2016 (7M9D): Baby FECS tried cauliflower for the first time. I steamed it until cooked for 15 minutes. Then I mashed half with fork, to feed Baby FECS.

I blended the other half and freezed them up. 

I scooped some of those I mashed with fork into a saucer to feed Baby FECS.

24 December 2016 (7M9D): Baby FECS tried cauliflower for the first time today. As with broccoli, it was a success. She seems to like cauliflower too :-)

I also gave her a floret of cauliflower as finger food. She enjoyed feeling its texture and putting it into her mouth, although it is much less efficient eating, compared to me feeding her. But it is a sensory experience and she really enjoys trying to feed herself.

She finished the whole saucer :-) That's the best Christmas gift a mommy can gets :-)

24 December 2016 (7M9): Besides eating cauliflower (for vitamins), she also ate pumpkin for vitamin A, kidney beans for protein and iron, oats for complex carbohydrates and 1 tsp of olive oil for good fats for lunch today. It's Christmas eve today, and it is the best Christmas gift a mommy can ask for, when her child is eating healthy and well :-)


Baby Food of the Day: Ryebread for the First Time (7M9D)

24 December 2016 (7M9D): At Christmas dinner, I decided to go with something easy, so that I could sit back and enjoy my dinner, rather than struggle to feed her and clean up. I gave her rye bread finger food. I just cut the slice of bread into long sticks. It was her first time tasting it, and she enjoyed it. She had eaten earlier, so she didn't really eat much. But it kept her occupied through out the 1.5 hour dinner. She really likes eating by herself and thus she really likes finger food. With J, I didn't start him on finger food so early. I was a lot more cautious.

Friday 23 December 2016


Toy of the Day: The ABC Bible Verse Book (7M8D)

23 December 2016 (7M8D): Baby FECS really loves this book. She giggle a lot as I exaggeratedly read out the sound of the letters and reading the sentence to her.


Toy of the Day: Stairs (7M8D)

23 December 2016 (7M8D): Now that Baby FECS can crawl, I decided to practise climbing stairs with her. 


Baby Food of the Day: Kidney Beans for the First Time (7M8D)

22 Deember 2016: I cooked kidney beans for a long time until soft and then mashed it up with fork. Both consistencies above didn't entice Baby FECS to eat it. She was too full to eat even a spoonful :-(

23 December 2016 (7M8D): During dinner, I tried to feed her kidney beans for the second time, she ate a little. 

24 December 2016 (7M9D): For lunch, I tried again today, and finally succeeded. She finished the whole saucer. This is the third attempt.

24 December 2016 (7M9D):  The saucer is empty :-)
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