Sunday 11 December 2016


J Summary (7Y9M6D): Writing his little story

Today even though it was a Sunday, our Little FECS (7 years old) out of his own initiative, sat down to write a story and made his story book with drawings. It was quite a few pages. We were very impressed with it. He was really having a lot of fun with it, and very motivated at writing his story. He found inspiration from his sea-animal card collection for this story line. I think I have his school to thank for making learning fun. That's the Danish way. The Danes have a talent in making learning fun *. It humbled me. I wish our Little FECS would show such love and interest for Chinese. He has not yet started to write an essay in Chinese yet. Hopefully this Danish habit will one day spill over to benefit his learning of Chinese and English.

* The Danes do not correct Children in their handwriting, and allow them to mispelt words, believing that that will inspire that love for learning language, and that the writing and spelling will correct itself as they grow older. Me on the other hand, constantly correct our son for his bad Chinese handwritting and his Chinese spelling.

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