Tuesday 13 December 2016


Contrasting Our Little FECS & Our Baby FECS at 6 months old

 Little FECS at 6 months old

Our Baby FECS at 6 months old

Our Baby FECS turned 6 months old a month ago. Walking down memory lane, here is a look at how her brother, our Little FECS was like 7 years ago, when he was at 6 months old.

 Little FECS: Ate solid very well, fast and often with second helping

Baby FECS: I will be happy, if she is willing to open her golden mouth!!! Ate very little

  Little FECS: Liked to tilt his head back down when having meals

Baby FECS: Liked to play the tilt backward game

Little FECS: Couldn't crawl yet

Baby FECS: Could crawl very well already

 Little FECS: Happy for the pacifier
Baby FECS: Didn't like pacifier

 Little FECS: Needed hair-cut

Baby FECS:  No hair to cut

Little FECS: Couldn't do without rocking chair - he didn't like to lie on his tummy

Baby FECS: Baby rocking chair packed up - we hardly use it as she liked lying on her tummy

Little FECS: Wearing the same onesie

Baby FECS: Wearing the same onesie

Little FECS: Had 2 little teeth already
Baby FECS: No teeth yet

Little FECS: Reached up to touch bubbles
Baby FECS: Preferred catching those bubbles that have floated down to the floor

Little FECS: Slept through the night
Baby FECS: Started to wake up in the night

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