Sunday 18 December 2016


Baby Food of the Day: Mushroom Soup for the first time (7M3D)

18 December 2016 (7M3D): This was the first time BAby FECS ate mushrooms. I served it once - in small bite size, but she couldn't really gum it. Today, I made this with oyster mushrooms using the Philips soup-maker, making it all blended, and Baby FECS liked it.

She finished everything that was given to her.

19 December 2016 (7M4D): When I told her that we are having mushroom soup. She couldn't wait for the first spoon. She really loves the mushroom soup, one of those few times, when I felt energized after feeding her :-)

The mushroom soup is easily made using the Philips soupmaker:

The Philips model is not available in Amazon, but something similar of a different brand is available:

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