Saturday 21 May 2011


J Summary (2Y2M15D) - Finally out of Diapers!

Yesterday, we were at Amy's place. And J saw that Amy is no longer wearing diapers. I took the opportunity to inspire him to stop using diapers, telling him that he is a big boy now.

This morning, I encouraged him to start the day without the diapers, and it was the first time, that he agreed. I told him that I am so proud of him, and that he is showing himself to be a big boy now. He repeated after me that J is a big boy now. We did without diapers altogether the whole day, but there had been 6 accidents altogether through out the day.

I did the mistake of asking him to tell me when he would like to pee. Then I did the mistake of asking him whether he would like to pee. At the end of the day, I finally have grown wiser. I don't ask him whether he would like to pee anymore. I just brought him to the toilet every 30 minutes, and asked him to try. Then I wanted to get out quickly, I asked him to be patient. It seemed to have worked to reduce the number of accidents. I shall do the same tomorrow.

But J is still using diaper at night.

Compared to many European toddlers his age, J is considered a fast developer, but compared to many Asian toddlers his age, he is behind by more than a year. Asian toddlers generally began toilet training and got out of diapers at the age of 1 year old.

What attributed to the success rate of Asian babies?

I don't really know, but I think it is due largely to parental expectations and society's pressure. In Denmark, it is generally believed that toddlers are not developmentally ready to do so. If you think your child can't do it, he would not be able to do it. In Asia, parents generally believe that toddlers can do it and are capable to do so. Asian parents are eager to do without diapers as soon as possible, as many can't afford diapers in the long run, unlike in Europe, where household income is higher. Thus, it is also forced by finance that Asian parents believe their toddlers can do without diapers and are more determined to toilet train earlier. It is also a social norm to get out of diapers earlier, thus there would be a certain element of shame, if one's toddler is still seen in diapers. Thirdly, in China, pragmatic Chinese design the pants with a hole strategic cut, so that they can with lightning speed rush the toddler to the toilet, whenever nature calls, minimizing accidents, which also increases the success rate of training. Although I am pragmatic, I would not use such a pair of pants for J, as they are really ugly!

However, such mentality may change with time and growing economic affluence, as having one's toddler in diaper in China may increasingly be seen as a symbol of wealth, since only the affluent Chinese can keep their child in diapers for so long.

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