Tuesday 12 November 2019


Montessori Maths Activity: Fishing 123s with Jar Lids

This was prepared for J on 16 August 2011, but I didn't manage to take more pictures.

 8 years later, this was prepared for C, and I managed to take pictures, which I documented :-)

Age: From 2 years old (Level 2)

Activity Duration: 5-15 minutes

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Objective(s): To train the child’s hand-eye coordination skill

1. 1 toy fishing rod
2. Jar lids written with 1, 2, 3...
3. 1 bowl to contain the fished jar lids and some toy fishes
4. 1 basin containing water
5. 1 tray

1. Call out a number and demonstrate to your child by fishing the number on the lid with the fishing rod.

2. Ask  your child to use the fishing rod to fish out the same number of fishes based on the number called.

2. Call out another number and let your child try to fish for the number.

Plastic fish rod: 20 DKK (4.80 SGD or 3.80 USD) at Chao Chao at Lyngby Station

Additional Information:
I got this idea from seeing a toddler playing with the toy sold in Amazon. Baby FECS tried this on 12 November 2019 (3Y5M26D). I taught her how to carry the Montessori tray containing this activity from the shelf upstairs to the bath room. She did it all on her own, making it all the way upstairs and into the bathroom without any accident :-)

She enjoyed the activity a lot. She couldn't really recognize the number yet, but it will take practice and repetition to learn the numbers. But she enjoyed fishing the fishes out of the basin of water and into a bowl. Towards the end, she poured back all the fishes she "caught" back into the "pond" - the basin of water.

12 November 2019 (3Y5M26D): Carrying the Montessori tray from the playroom...

and up the stairs she went... :-)

We place the lids with Chinese numbers and the fishes into the basin and then poured in water... 

I asked her to fish for the number "1* in Chinese.

I asked her to fish for one fish, corresponding to the number "1" lid.

I called a number and asked her for fish for that number that appeared on the lid. She needed to bit of help to identify the correct lid and then fished it.

Then I asked her to fish the corresponding number of fishes again.

This was repeated until all the number lids and fishes were fished out :-) 

She then chose to pour back all the fishes and number lids back to the "pond" i.e. basin of water and start another round of the game :-)

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