Tuesday 26 November 2019


Montessori Language Activity: Tracing Chinese Character with Danish Christmas Cookies Pepper Nut "Pedernødder"

Age: From 3.5 years old


1. To provide a fun way to teach writing Chinese characters
2. To train the child's fine motor skills


1. 1 stamp and stamp pad
2. 1 Chinese Character
3. 1 toy horse (optional)
4. 1 tray


1. Demonstrate to your child how to trace the Chinese character using stamp, taking care to show her the correct sequence of strokes.
2. As you trace, read the Chinese character clearly to your child.
3. Invite your child to try.
4. As her to say out loud the Chinese character that she is tracing.

Additional Information:

Christmas is soon round the corner. I am using the Danish Christmas cookies Pepper Nut "pedernødder" to teach Chinese. The purpose of this activity is not to teach writing Chinese character per se, but to cultivate a love for learning Chinese and the love for writing Chinese characters. I learned this from J's Danish piano teacher. She uses cookies to teach musical notes :-) Thus, this activity incorporates the theory of Montessori with Danish fun way of learning :-)

It may seem to be a lot of cookies to eat at one go, but I made the cookies myself. Thus, it is both nutritious and a healthier version. It is Danish Christmas cookies made with a twist. I use white whole wheat flour to increase the nutrients and dietary fiber. And I also use olive oil, instead of butter. I didn't use sugar, but it is naturally sweetened with dates. Here is the recipe:


Chinese Translation:

圣诞节快要到了。用丹麦圣诞饼干教小朋友学写字。目的其实不是在于教写字,而是在于用好玩的方式教小朋友热爱学习写字。这方法是我从Our Little FECS 的丹麦钢琴老师那学来的。:-) P.S. 希望小朋友的人生也和饼干糖果一样的甜美 :-)

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