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How to Teach Children Respect for Nature?

According to the book "Let the Child Come Along the Virtuous Way" based on the series Growing Kids God's Way, we need to teach our children respect for nature and the below is a summary of what I have learned.

Why should we respect nature?

Don't just say for example, “No, J, do not pluck the flowers in the park.” It is very important to explain the reason why behind our instructions, so that they understand. Explain the reasons why we should respect nature:

1. Nature was created by God
2. Man’s duty to be a steward of creation
3. Preciousness of others

Elaboration of each reason as follows:

1. Nature was created by God

Although the objects of nature do not possess the same essence as man, nature, like man, has inherent value as a result of the creation process. God treats His creation with integrity and if God treats His creation with integrity, so should man. We find the value of creation in the source of creation, God Himself.

2. Man’s duty to be a steward of creation

God instructed Adam to take care of the garden and to take dominion over it (Genesis 1:28). This implies protecting and nurturing it, functioning as a gardener and preserving it. The earth is everyone’s garden.

3. Preciousness of others

Respect nature is respecting others. We should have consideration for others who come behind us or before us. That's why we should not litter even biodegrable waste, because although it will decay and put nutrients back into the soil, others have the right to enjoy the beauty of nature without the ugliness of your garbage. Aesthetic appreciation for natural beauty is the moral consideration.

How can we teach children respect for nature?

By teaching and training children:
1. Not to litter biodegrable litter
2. Not to fidget and sweep the plants along the pedestrian path with their hands
3. Not to trample flower beds
4. Not to pluck flowers in the park
5. Not to strip branches of their leaves for a momentary mindless sensation.

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