Wednesday 30 October 2013


Do One Thing At A Time... & Concentrate Completely

As any mom (or dad) knows, children are a high-pressure, full-time job. Often we are left completely tired and flat out. In trying to multi-task and idealisticaly trying to do everything, I want to remember this one golden piece of golden:

"She taught me lots of things, including that you should only do one job at a time and concentrate completely. Whether she was writing a speech or tidying a drawer, it had her total concentration."

- What Personal Assistant Cynthia Crawford learned from the late ex- British PM, Margaret Thatcher

Forgiving myself for not able to do it all, I am looking forward to spending time with Joshua and seeing a dear dear friend visiting from Singapore tomorrow, one thing at a time :-)

P.S. I can't thank my employer enough for allowing me to go part-time, so that I can do one thing at a time :-)

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