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Halloween is everywhere. It is hard to avoid it. But can we celebrate it in a wholesome way? We are thankful to find this book which provide a Christian perspective to the celebration of Halloween that is wholesome, cheerful, edifying and encouraging. It tells how God is like the farmer, and we are like the pumpkins, chosen by Him, our cores are made clean by Him and given His light. May this Halloween filled your lives with the light of God's love. 

20.10.2013 (4Y7M15D) - Carving out a cheerful Jacl-O-Lantern together with Daddy.

Daddy drawing out the face and...

carving out the "head"...

Removing hte pulp together...

Here is the finished Jack-O-Lantern, looking happy and cute :-)

The happy glow glowing in the dark :-)

This book is available from Amazon:


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19 October 2014

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Updates 28 October 2015:

Our Little FECS was so proud to show me the pumpkin that he carved all by himself without any help, when he got home from the Scouts today.

Our Little FECS with his model Scout friend, B, that we all love :-)

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