Saturday 30 August 2014


J Summary (5Y5M25D) - Making His Bed and Life's Lesson

J sometimes complains that it is not fun to do work. This morning, he straightened his bed so well, straight and neat in his own initiative and all by himself without any help from me. It was not easy for a 5 years old, and he has now mastered it by teaching and learning by trial and error by himself. That was the best way to learn. I was full of thankfulness.

I took the opportunity of this teachable moment to ask him, how he felt about making bed, when he did his best? Did it feel good and fun? What made it felt good and fun?

It was because he did his best, and put in his whole heart.

I said it is the same with writing Chinese characters, doing Maths sums, practising the piano... you will enjoy learning, if you put in your best and make it your aim to do it well.

The vice versa is also true. If you don't play with all your heart, even the most fun play and game is hard work and boring.

I then talked about the importance of attitude in work and play, in learning and doing both the fun and mundane things, which are all parts of our lives for character-building.

He pondered and thought and said that was true. It was more fun, when he put his heart into it.

I thank God for this teachable moment, and for the words for it, and for working in the heart of J.

J went on to complete his music coloring homework with self-motivated effort. He loves coloring now. I hope this attitude will last and follow him when he starts school next year.

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