Friday 17 April 2015


6 Benefits of Collecting Animal Cards from Føtex Supermarket

Age: From 6 years old

1. Packs of animal cards from Føtex Supermarket
2. Alum book

Additional Information:
Our Little FECS started collecting these animal cards "dyrekort"

During break time at the Chinese class, instead of playing with iPad, he would be exchanging these cards with his friends. So that was nice that he willingly by himself stayed away from the iPad for once :-)

It is also a good way to teach him about fishes and animals in a fun way.

For every purchase of 50 DKK at Føtex Supermarket, you are given a packet of four "dyrekort." We found a way to collect them, without busting our wallets (the products at Føtex in general cost twice at Netto supermarket).

Daddy FECS made a placard with the words, "I collect animal cards" in Danish. The idea was that our Little FECS could hold up this placate at the cashier so that customers who purchased goods, but do not want the cards, could give it to him. (But he was too shy to do so, and mommy had to help him.) Anyway, it ended up that this lady saw that our Little FECS was very eager for the animal cards, and she gave us more than 20 packets as her children are too old for them. (Incidentally, it turned out that she works in the same office as Daddy FECS. What a small world!)

For once, I am full of approval for such supermaket's marketing gimmicks. Here are the reasons why:

1. It is very educational. There is a short text on the fish on the card. And you can purchase an album book to store the cards that cost 30 DKK. Each slot contains an additional short text educating the children on the sea animals. It is a fun way for our Little FECS to learn about the different fishes and sea animals. It is like a making an "encyclopedia" come alive for the child. Because this is an activity that he likes, he could remember the information on the fishes much more than just reading normal encyclopedia. In fact, Daddy FECS and I were amazed how much he could remember (much more effective than memorizing his Chinese characters!)

2. It is good for number recognition. Each slot in the book comes with a number that matches the number on the card. Your child will have to flip the pages to match the number.

3. It is very good for fine motor skills training. You child practise slotting the card into each slot 140 times without complaining (as there are 140 cards altogether).

4. It encourage social interaction. The boys in his kindergarten class are also collecting these animal cards, and they have a good time viewing and exchanging the cards together.

5. It helps to teach compassion. How? Not everyone can afford to collect these cards. I took the opportunity to teach him to share and give his cards to a boy in his kindergarten class, who could not afford it. Today, our Little FECS gave him 11 cards. It is a good way to teach sharing, and to make sure that none of the children are ostracised or feel left out from the clique.

6. Lastly, it gave our Little FECS an opportunity to create the "I collect animal card" placate, and he really used a great deal of time to draw the fishes and made the effort to color them more nicely than usual.

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