Thursday 17 September 2015


The Flight of Refugees and the Lesson We Can Teach Our Children

This image stayed in my mind… a wounded dad himself trying to protect and comfort his child, with all the might he has left... the helplessness of the child… and the helplessness of the father… it pains me to see... and how my heart aches for them. Displaced from their country because of war, unwanted, without a shelter and in constant danger. I really hope they are alright. I prayed that they will be fine and safe… and also for those people who are in the same situation.

The horrors of wars… 

Our late PM Mr. Lee Kuan Yew experienced all these first-hand during the Second World War. And it left him with the iron-steel determination to build up a strong Singapore, so that all of us can have a future. He gave us a safe haven to bring up our children, so that we don't have to knock on doors of other countries.

What can we mothers do?

In our protected world, we so often busy ourselves with kids' activities, bringing our kids to Disneyland, etc., I am equally guilty of it. I need to share with J the current world affairs in a bite size manner that will help him understand. I need to take time to explain to my child, what others in the world are going through, even if it means forgoing one of his activities to do so. I need to pray for these people with my child.

We need to teach our children to show sympathy and to raise them up strong to be in the position to help others. It could have been one of us in the picture.

We need to be intentional in our parenting and we need to pray and ask God to help us with it… we need to be determined to raise up good people for the society. This is the only way we can safeguard the security of our children and that of our children’s children.

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