Wednesday 23 December 2015


Danish Christmas Orange Clove Decoration

Age: From 5 years old

1. 1 orange
2. A handful of cloves
3. Ribbon

1. Insert the cloves into the orange in whichever pattern you wish. 
2. Tie it with ribbon. 
3. Hang up and display.

Additional Information:
We are still busy with preparing for Christmas and making Christmas decoration. December is a super hectic month! This year, I am wiser, I took the cue from other Danish moms to take some days off from work before Christmas, to reduce the stress - but ouch burned some annual leaves as a result!Last year I worked right through to Christmas Eve. In a way, Christmas time in Denmark is like the Chinese New Year time in Singapore, a busy festive preparation time.

Unfortunately, I am not the crafty type. Thankfully, J was very happy and initiated to make the Christmas decoration on his own. The ribbons can be bought from Tiger at 10 DKK per roll. He (6Y8M17D) made a pair of Danish Christmas Orange Clove Decoration today. 

As you can see, after making the first orange, J got tired, and the second orange looked... kinda bare... Since I am not the crafty type... no complaints... better than nothing :-)

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