Monday 5 September 2016


Homemade Mobile for Baby

Homemade mobile that allows you the flexibility of changing the display of toys.

Made from IKEA's clothes hanger (29 DKK/5.90 SGD). Idea credit

Test by lying down and see if the toys are turning at the right position that is interesting for the baby. The toys should be facing baby.

The homemade mobile view from the side...

 4 September 2016 (15W7D): Trying it out with Baby C... she preferred to look how it rotates from the side through the side mirror...

 4 September 2016 (15W7D): Baby C started to look at the toys

  4 September 2016 (15W7D): Baby C tries to grasp the toys...

 4 September 2016 (15W7D): It worked, Baby C is looking intensely at the toys... :-)

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