Thursday 8 September 2016


How To Encourage Baby to Lie On Tummy & Lift Head?

Here comes the sight-seeing pram... :-)

So often, Baby lies passively in the pram. I have not been using the pram as frequently, but I have been carrying her in the baby carrier that I wear. Then I suddenly thought of trying the pram this way by putting Baby on her tummy, and I love it. Here are the benefits:

1. It is good exercise for Baby, even better than baby activity gym. It gives Baby an interesting view of the world and will encourage Baby to lift his/her head up in order to get a better view.

2. It prevents flat head

3. I don't have to carry Baby all the time

4. Baby is happier to accept lying on her tummy (although I don't have this problem with Baby C, as she prefers to lie on her tummy than her back).

I should have thought of using the pram this way 7 years ago, as J absolutely disliked lying on his tummy. This would have encourage him to do so.

Well, better late than never!

Here is a video showing how much Baby FECS (3M12D) enjoyed observing the world goes by this way:

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