Tuesday 1 August 2017


Free Copenhagen Indoor Playground - Den Indendørs Legeplads Blegdamsremisen

We decided to check out this indoor playground today (1 August 2017, 8Y4M30D, 1Y2M16D), one of the few indoor playgrounds in Copenhagen that is totally free. And it is even manned, despite it being free. I am very impressed with the Copenhagen municipality and the Danish system. This is a playground for the young and older kids. Both my kids age 1.5 and 8 years old enjoyed it. You can also play with Lego and board games here.

 To go there, when you see the Indian restaurant Bindia, you know that you are here. Turn left from the restaurant.

 You will see the building.

 When you walk in, to your right, there are many different rooms - Lego room, small kids' room, wood workshop, etc. (more on this later).

In front after the glass door, you will enter the indoor playground.

There are small lockers to store your valuables so that you don't have to carry around your bags inside the playground. I didn't notice it until we were about to leave, so I had been carry my bag the whole day. Well, next time...

On your right before entering the glass door, there are places to hang your jackets.

There is a box right at the end, where rackets and hockey sticks are stored, which you can borrow.

 Before you enter, to your left is the kitchen and dining area, where you can eat your lunch box.

You can also use their cups.

Apparently you can your yourself to the cold water and juice from the fridge. Just remember to re-fill. Remember to also place used cups in the dish-washer.

 Close-up of the kitchen

We couldn't wait to check out the indoor playground. Baby FECS was very excited.

 Here is how it looks like :-) There is a football field.

 I am impressed how they painted the cartoons integrating it with the football field.

 There is a pirate ship, not sure if it was the same one from the 70s.

 Big brother helping Baby FECS up the pirate ship.

 Baby FECS was mesmerized with the little toy car.

 This is one of our Little FECS' favorites. 

 There are many interesting slops that baby or toddlers could practise their balancing skills climbing up and down.

 I love this huge mattress, just perfect for babies. You will see many mothers with younger babies and fathers too using this mattress.

Baby FECS loved it :-)

The big kids love the big mattress too :-)

 This is the first item Baby FECS tried. She really enjoyed the swing.

 This is one of Baby FECS' favorite - the push truck.

Here is the babies friendly corner

A cozy dog house for small kids :-)

And some small corners for kids to explore and hide...

 Our Little FECS decided to bring Baby FECS to check out the different rooms.

 Here's the room with some insects I believe.

Corridor to the different theme rooms

Here is a room literally full of LEGO bricks. You are not allowed to wear shoes in. The door is closed to keep out babies from small parts.

Here is a room that our Little FECS thinks that Baby FECS would enjoy :-)
This is a room for wood work I believe.

Here is a doll house

Little FECS really enjoyed this game of aeroplane.

 We played different games.

  We played Ludo together.

 You could play with some hula-hoops outside too :-)

You can even borrow a baby alarm, while you baby sleeps outside. We borrowed one when Baby FECS took her afternoon's nap.


 Interesting news articles about the playground and its past activities on the notice board.

 Here was how the playground looked like in the 70s :-)

 We had lunch at a small Italian place serving pizzas. It is quite a popular place with the locals it seems. We love it because of the selection of the pizza that includes spinach, salmon and broccoli. Tasty yet so nutritious.

 This is their garlic bread that only cost 15 DKK per piece, very reasonable.

Updates 22 November 2019 (3Y6M6D, 10Y8M17D):

The last time we came, C was just 1 year 3 months old. She is 3.5 years old now.

Here is the details to the playground:

Address: Blegdamsvej 132A 2100 København Ø
Nearest train station: Svanemøllen St. + Bus 1A (6 mins)

Note: It is closed during the summer school holidays the whole of July and August. It usually reopens from first week of September.

When in doubt, you can call the following number to check if they are open:
+45 35264666


 If you drive, there is a long stretch of parking along Blegdamsvej and it costs 12 DKK per hour to park there.

It's just behind the Indian restaurant called Bindia.


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