Tuesday 29 August 2017


The Toddler's Paddling Pool (Vandlegepladsen) in Fælledparken

When I heard there is a water playground in Copenhagen's Fælledparken (aka Copenhagen's Central Park), and that it is even free, I was very excited. It completely transformed Copenhagen to be a more fun place for kids. Anything with water is a hit with kids :-) We visited it on 2 August 2015. Our Little FECS was 6 years old then. He enjoyed it very much, as you can see from the pictures below.

Update 29 August 2017

It was also a perfect sunshine day. I decided to bring Baby FECS (1Y3M13D) there today 29 August 2017. It was still a sunshine day, although the temperature was only 23 degree celsius, not that warm. There wasn't so much water in the water playground, as the authorities would only fill it up with water when it is a hot day. Nevertheless, since Baby FECS was only 15 months old, a little bit of water was good enough for her.

But I would imagine that many kids and parents with slightly bigger kids must be disappointed with the amount of water at the water playground. I think the authorities should lower the standard about the Danish weather when they fill the playground with water and let parents decide whether it is too cold for their children to play there or not. It would be really nice with more water.

I would advise that to avoid disappointment, call beforehand to check on water amount, before visiting the playground. If the water is filled up, it is actually a very fun place for the kids.

Address: Edel Sauntes Allé, 2100 København Ø

This is their facebook page to check on latest news and update:

This is the toilet and bathroom for changing into swimming costume

29 August 2017 (1Y3M13D)

29 August 2017 (1Y3M13D)

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