Tuesday 26 December 2017


Klatkager - Danish Pancake Made of Risengrød (Danish Rice Pudding)

1. 250g risengrød (Danish rice porridge)
2. 1 egg
3. 1 TBS flour
4. 1 tsp cooking oil (if you use non-stick pan, it is possible to avoid even using oil)

1. Mix risengrød, egg and flour together.
2. Heat pan with oil on high and reduce to medium high (no. 7.5 on my stove).
3. Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and place it on the pan.
4. Spread it into a bigger round area the size of a small bowl.
5. When the back of the pancake turns golden brown, flip it around (adjust the heat accordingly to how fast your pancake browns, as you want the inside to be cooked dry as well, and not wet like the original porridge)
6. When the other side turns golden brown, it is ready to serve :-)

Additional Information:
I love this simple recipe. I got to know about this from a relative. She told me that you just need two ingredients - 1 egg and 1 TBS flour and she is right. A check with the internet shows all kinds of recipe including sugar, butter, milk, cinnamon, etc. These are nice to have, but it is really delicious just with egg and flour added to the risengrød, since the risengrød already contains sugar and milk.

This is actually a kind of pancake made from left over risengrød (Danish rice porridge). It is actually very tasty, easy to make and a good way of using leftover risengrød, or if one is tired of eating risengrød and wanted another way to eat it.

It is called "klatkager", which means blob cake - like you drop a blob of porridge on the pan. A better name for it should be rice pancake.

I am trying this for the first time. Although Daddy FECS is a Dane, he has never tried it before, although as a young boy, he has heard that his friends had tried them. He reckoned that it was because there was never really any leftover risengrød at his home, as they were usually all finished up.


 250g risengrød (Danish rice porridge)

 Add 1 egg and 1 TBS flour and mix well

This is how the consistency of the mixture looks like

Place 1 TBS on the pan and spread it out to a bigger area the size of a small bowl

When the back of the pancake turns golden brown, flip it over

First I made 1 piece... then I made three of them in a pan...

 And I also tried making four of them all at one in the pan...

It all turned out really well.

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