Sunday 11 March 2018


A Story by Our Little FECS on Cow-Monkey

11 March 2018 (9Y6D)

Our Little FECS is into writing small stories recently. He would come up with storyline himself. He would sometimes write 3-4 stories in a day. Then Daddy FECS and him would sit down  at the computer to type it out. And Daddy FECS wand him will search for pitcutres from the internet. Our Little FECS wants to compile them into a book.

Here is one of the small stories by our Little FECS... I read it and asked him, is he writing about himself??? He refused to give a direct answer, but just grinned from ear to ear... hmmmm

Here is the English translation:

Once a upon a time, there was a cow... 

... it was married to a monkey.

They got a child.

"See," said the cow. "It is going to be a cow."

"No," said the monkey. "It is going to be a monkey."

They got angry with each other and asked the doctor.

The doctor said, "It is a cow-monkey."

So asked the monkey, "What does one such creature eat?"

"It eats bananas and grass," answered the doctor.

So home they went.

Years passed and the cow-monkey would  soon start school.

They couldn't figure out which school, he should attend.

First, they tried the cow school. That didn't go so well.

So they tried the monkey school. That didn't go very well too.

Then they tried the mix-animal school, and the cow-monkey got a friend, which was a monkey-cat.

We are catching this moment. Usually, he is quite sloppy when he writes his alphabet... and it exasperated me. No matter how I nag, correct, etc. him... we only get into a power struggles, and it is a kill joy. I can only pray for wisdom how to guide and teach a child.

But since he got interested into writing essays, I could see that he takes more pride in writing his letters more neatly. It also helps his spelling.

I thank God for this moment He provided to encourage and build his self-motivation, for definitely it is not by me.

How great and wonderful our God is. When moms get down on our knees and pray for our kids. It's the best parenting. It's humbling. It means that we are not in control of everything. But God is in control. We need to surrender our loads to Him, especially in the area of parenting. Well, I am still learning how to give our cares of God. This little encounter serves as a testimony for me to remember always to pray and leave God to the rest.

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