Saturday 18 August 2018


Easy Bread Rolls


1. 600g flour
2. 500ml water
3. 15g yeast or 1/4 tsp dried yeast
4. 1.5 tsp salt


1. In a mixing bowl, add yeast with water and mix well.

2. Add flour and salt and mix well with the spatula or hand. It should be steady, but you should not have to use your hand to knead. You only need to mix it until all the flour is wet.

3. Sprinkle a bit of flour over the dough and cover the bowl with a plastic film.

4. Put the bowl in the fridge overnight until the next morning.

5. Turn on the oven to 275 degree celsius and form into 10-12 buns.

6. The dough will still be a bit sticky, thus wet your hands with a bit of water, each time you take a lump.

7. You will notice that the buns are a little formless, but that is the whole idea.

8. Sprinkle the buns with a bit of flour or sesame seeds.

9. Bake in the oven for at 275 degree celsius for 8 minutes and thereafter 15-20 minutes at 225 degree celsius or until they are golden.

10. Now you can call the rest of the family and have a cozy time enjoying some homemade bread rolls :-)


For a more wholemeal bread, substitute 25% of the flour with wholewheat flour.

Additional Information:

My Danish colleague is just so good at baking that it is a walk in the park for her. When I complained to her that it is so much work and so time-consuming to bake my own bread, she gave me this recipe and encourage me to try it. She said that it is so easy, the world's easiest recipe. Finally, I have a chance to try it out today :-)

Yes, this is white bread, not very healthy, but my colleague said that to get a feel of the right texture of bread baking, it is best to start with making the simplest and easiest and build it up from there. And the easiest is baking white bread. Thus, I am baking this now to try out :-) I don't think we will be eating much of it, as we prefer wholemeal bread, but we will feed the rest of it to the ducks at the lakes. I am using organic flour, thus, it will be a luxurious treat for the ducks ha ha, but in Denmark, organic food is getting so cheap that there is no difference with buying non-organic food.

Update: Surprisingly, our kids like it. Ya, white bread is always tastier than wholemeal bread, right? So there wasn't not as much left for the ducks!!!

Daddy FECS was ok, but not crazy about it - he likes his bread healthy and nutritious with nuts and seeds, and he only likes to eat his bread from Lagekagehuset. Sharks I simply can't compete with that Danish bakery chain :-( But I can always seek the consolation from our kids who always like what I bake :-)


 The dough should be steady, but you shouldn't use your hands to knead

Sprinkle some flour on top and refrigerate for 12 hours or overnight

This was how it looked after 12 hours the next morning

Form into 12 rolls (I made only 9 here and save the rest to make bread)

You can use a sive to sprinkle some flour on top

This is how it looks after sprinkling of flour

 Place it in the oven

Bake for 8 minutes in the oven at 250 degree celsius

This is how it looks after 8 minutes in the oven at 275 degree celsius

Bake for another 15 minutes. Since I made only half a portion, baked it for only another 5 minutes. Now it is done :-)

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