Monday 20 April 2020


Strawberry Ice-cream

Makes 4 portions


1. 3 large strawberries
3. 6 dried dates pitted
4. 1 cup (250 ml) skimmed fresh milk
5. 1 TBS hazelnut butter
6. 1/4 tsp vanilla powder (optional)
7. 1 tsp flax seeds ground (optional)


1. Blend using a blender (I use Magimix blender under smoothie setting).
2. Transfer into ice-cream mold and freeze.

Additional Information:

I wrote about making matcha green tea ice-cream yesterday. Still on ice-cream, this time around, I made strawberry ice-cream for Baby FECS :-) (Little FECS is not so keen on sweet stuff).

The base recipe is the same - 6 dried dates with 1 cup milk :-) If you wish to make it extra-indulgence, you can add a few chopped almonds and chocolate chips into the ice-cream.

This is similar to the strawberry smoothie's recipe. I basically increase the sweetness with more dates and reduce the liquid, to turn them into ice-cream.

 Add 6 dried dates pitted into blender

 Add 1 TBS hazelnut butter

  Add 1 cup (250 ml) fresh skimmed milk

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