Friday 16 December 2011


J Summary (2Y9M11D) - A Sense of Humour & A Goodnight Kiss

We asked J if he would pray for the bedtime. He agreed. Then he said, "Dear God (pause) Amen". We broke into laughter. So that was his prayer! He laughed too. It seemed that he knew this would make us laugh. He is clearly developing a sense of humour.

J said that God and Jesus are above. I asked him how he knew. He said that the daycre teacher told him. I wondered what the concept of God is in a 2.5 years old brain and heart, but still I am amazed. I must continue to tell J about God, although I am sometimes sceptical that he could understnd. But maybe he could. God has put a need for Hi in our hearts, and maybe this can already be seen from 2.5 years old.

J refused to let me go, even though he had fallen asleep. Just as I was about to step out of the room, he woked up and and put his arms around me. Finally, he wanted to give me a kiss, before allowing me to get out of the room.

J can't wait to go to Singapore. It was a common topic of the day with how we would take the train, then the small plane, then the big plane to Singapore. J also talked about visiting China with Amy. That was rather surprising, as I don't recalled telling him about it. But I talked with my friend about sending J and Amy to China for holiday classes. And J said he would like to visit China. From here, I think that 2.5 years old, they could eavedrop on our conversation and remember them.

Re-citing Numbers

J could count up to 19 in mandarin, but not always consistent. He could not remember 20. But he is starting to count from 21 to 29. He told me that he could see the logic in the Chinese numbering, that it all starts from 1-9 all over again, each time we move to the next set of 10s. I am glad that he could see the logic, as I was wondering how I could best explain it to him.

For counting real objects, he could do so to 10 or sometimes more than 12 objects.

Lanuage Development

J continues to speak only mandarin to me. Now we cna have a conversation on his day at the daycare. He struggled to find the words, but he continued to try to formulate the sentences in mandarin.

J continues to speak Danish with Daddy. His Danish is improving thanks to the exposure at the daycare.

For English, wWhen Daddy speaks to him in English, J protested. After we explained that we would like to have English sessions, and not just alwasy Danish, J seemed to understand. He would replied in English, but often only yes or no in English.

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