Wednesday 11 January 2012


J Summary (2Y10M5D) - I am a Singaporean

We are going back to Denmark this evening, we told J during breakfast this morning to prepare him once more. He cried and chanthe words, "No I don't want".

Finally I asked why, and he said because he is a Singaporean. Oh how he could charm me.

We had to say, ok, we will stay in Singapore in order for him to stop crying and whinning. But by evening time, he was mentally prepared to leave for the airport and take the plane. He did not cry and protest anymore. He was ready to leave Singapore.

Back in Denmark, I asked J if he want to go to Singapore soon. He said, "No, he is back to his home in Denmark". Oh, how he can break my heart just like that.

I moderated, "Denmark and Singapore are your home right?" and he said, "yes. Denmark is my home. Singapore is my home". Ok, I am happy again :-)

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