Monday 31 December 2012


J Summary 2012 (2Y9M-3Y9M) - Workbooks

Looking back, these are the Chinese workbooks completed by Joshua at 3 years old. A whole stack of 8. Thus, on average he completed 2/3 of a book a month. He spent 10-15 minutes each evening on it, although not every evening.
I comtemplated whether I should make this post, as I might make many Singaporean moms jealous, and I might make many western moms think that I am crazy. But this is my blog, a place where I record all the memories I have with J. So what I will do is to post it but date back to 31 December 2012, so that few people would read it. I wish Blogger has a function to separate private posts from public posts...
To the western moms, I am a crazy mom. They probably imagined me holding a cane... forcing J to do his homework. But really he enjoyed it and asked for it himself. Each time, he could do a few pages, until I said stop.
While we had done these, there were many other things we hadn't that much opportunities, as God made all of us equal - only 24 hours a day.
For example, no, J did not play with mud... he didn't like it. I was glad, as it would stress me out with the clean up.
No, he didn't learn to cycle at 3 years old, unlike my neighbour's daughter. Her mom cautioned me to give more time to J to learn cycling. I tried, but he always just stopped after a few minutes, unlike when he is doing his homework with mommy, he could go on and go. So I gave up. I figured that when he is ready, he would request to learn to cycle. Now soon turning 4, he is requesting to cycle more. So I think in 2013, we would not be completing so many workbooks.
They are very colourful and made of good paper, a little like Kumon, but much cheaper. I bought it from Singapore's Popular Book Shop.
Looking at this stack reminded me of my childhood... but I was 11 then, while J was 3. I did a whole stack of assessment books as high as the height of a microwave, forced by my teacher in an elite girls' primary school in Singapore. This was so that we could all get into an elite girls' secondary school, and my teacher would get the glory. Well, her efforts paid off, and almost all of us proceeded onto an elite girls' secondary school. I remembered back then I really hated it, doing all the assessment books.
It is a little eerie that I am carrying on this practise with my son... is it always a case of how one will always repeat what one is used to in their childhood subconsciously into their parenting? The only difference between J and I is, J loves all the homework, while I hated it.

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