Monday 20 May 2013


J Summary (4Y2M15D) - Independent Play Time

20.5.2013 - One of the first Lego models built by J without any help
Though they are very simple, I hold them close to my heart because of the efforts he put in. At 4 years old, J is beginning to show some symmetry in his work

Today is a Danish holiday, but I had to go to work, because I have used up all my vacation to attend to some matters in Singapore. So Daddy who has 7 weeks of annual leaves a year and still accumulating, stayed at home with J, because the kindergarten is closed.

Today, Daddy told me that J was very self-motivated.

  • J entertained himself with play dough for a good while...
  • J played with lego for a good while...
  • then did some drawing for a good while, before playing football with Daddy.

I was very happy to hear that, and I couldn't believe Daddy's achievement.

J has not played with Lego for a long long stretch of time at one go unlike like my then 4 years old nephew.

So I asked him: "So how did you manage to get J to entertain himself with all these "fun and educational" activities, instead of resorting to iPad, nintendo and videos?"

Daddy said: "I just told J that I am busy, and that he should play by himself. I suggested to J that he should play with Lego"

What!!! So easy!!! That will never work for me, if I simply say that to J.

J will always cling to me, wanting me to play with him, and will not let me go, the way he lets Daddy off.

Hmmm... maybe it's Daddy way of telling m that I should not be a SAHM... as I will not do it so well.

J actually did better, when I was at work!!!

Hmmm.... I had been thinking for sometime now, about how I wish to be a professional mom. How I envy those SAHM. Hmmm... maybe it is God's way of saying to me that it is not in His plan for me to be a professional mom, cos' if I will stay at home, Iwill drive J nuts... cos' if I will stay at home, J will never master independent playtime the way Daddy manages to do with J.

J playing with Lego on his own

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