Sunday 22 June 2014


J Summary (5Y3M17D) - A kind Heart

It has been a long time since J showed any initiative to pray. This evening at bedtime, when we said our good night prayer, I could not resist and asked him if he still believe in Jesus. J accepted Christ into His heart at the age of 3. He said yes. He touched on the topic of going to heaven, and he was concerned with his friend D not going to heaven. Although we had prayed, he asked to pray again, and this time he led the prayer and prayed for D. He also prayed that all his friends and all mommy's friends and all daddy's friends will get to know Jesus and go to heaven. After saying the prayer, he then had the peace to fall asleep.

I was very touched by his kindness and his concern for his friends. He wants the best for them (although the definition of best can be discussed). He wishes only good for his friends. I am touched by the purity of his love. J has always been willing to share.

D, whom he prayed for, is very competitive and tend to think only of himself, but J does not judge him and loves him all the same. All these aspects of his character, I hold it close to my heart. In fact, he has taught me how to love others with the agape love. I pray that this aspect of character will remain and will not change, even as J grows up. Whenever I am overly concerned about academics, I must to remind myself that having a kind heart is the most important.

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