Sunday 5 July 2015


A Letter to Pa - Poppy Fields

Dear Pa

After a period of rain, the Danish summer has finally arrived. While driving Joshua to his first scout camp at the Danish countryside at Næsbycenter, we saw seas of red poppy flowers. Such beauty and sights which I didn’t notice before, I see it now through the eyes of bringing up Joshua. In the past, the task-oriented me would just drive through and admire the sight from afar… Today, we stopped to take in the sight. I thought of ma and you. Like the lavender fields, I wish I could show it to ma, you and Aunt M. I know ma will appreciate it. Joshua’s birth has helped me to get to know Denmark much better. Your departure has helped me to see life clearer. God has a purpose and a lesson for everything. And I am slowly learning to “smell the roses.” I hope you get to know this from up there, pa.

They say the best way to integrate into Denmark is through work. But I also learned that the best way to integrate into Denmark is to be a mom. It has taken me to places, and meeting people, that I would not have dreamed of, even though I have been working here for the past 10 years.

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