Tuesday 3 October 2017


Things to Do with Kids in Denmark in December

Many Singaporeans travel out during the month long school holidays in December, but December is probably not the most ideal time to visit Denmark, as the days are short and the nights are long. Night sky falls by 3.30 pm and the indoor museums have much shorter opening hours too. The weather is too cold and not so pleasant for outdoor activities, yet not cold enough for snow to appear (I know the number one wish of Singaporeans is to see snow.)

Nevertheless, one of my Singaporean friend's family came to visit Denmark, and they really enjoyed it. Regardless, it is always fun to travel to a different country :-)

December is a time where the focus is on Christmas. Most Danes tend to stay home for  "hygge" (coziness) to bake Danish Christmas cookies or to make Danish Christmas crafts. Here are some activities Danes do during Christmas http://www.familyfecs.com/2014/12/danish-christmas-traditions.html

Below is a list of things one can do with kids in December in Denmark:
Christmas activities near our home:
  • Stroll down the pedestrian street of Lyngby and see Christmas decoration and Christmas stalls selling Christmas goodies near Magasin Departmental Store
  • Christmas activities at Lyngby Nordre Mølle (3 December 2017 10am - 2pm) - You get to taste elves Christmas porridge, hear elves Christmas story and play traditional Christmas games, make Christmas decoration and learn Danish traditional dance
  • Visit Lyngby Nordre Mølle Christmas market (9-10 Dec & 17-18 December 2017 10am - 4pm) 
  • Enjoy the Christmas activities at the ope-air museum at the Open-air Museum (Frilandsmuseet)
  • Sorgenfri Church Christmas Market (Sorgenfri Kirke Julemarked) (Saturday 2 December 2017 10.20 am - 4.30 pm)

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