Wednesday 18 March 2020


C Memory: Mommy Baked a Cake for the First Time

Because of coronavirus, the kindergartens and schools are closed. C asked me to bake a cake. J said that it would be cozy to bake a cake together.

I have never baked a cake before (although I have baked muffins before). After considering for some time, I agreed.

But after 5 minutes, both kids left, leaving me to bake the cake. It took me the whole day and finally it was done.

Daddy FECS and J were very healfh concious and refused to eat it, and I got mad. They took only 1-2 bites. C has a sweet tooth, and couldn't stop eating, and I got worried. If I eat it myself, I would be filled with guilt. I thought of giving it away, but felt bad about giving food to others that I don't want and is also unhealthy for them. If I keep it in the fridge, it is taking up precious space. I thought of throwing it away, but feel that it will be a pity. If I ask Daddy FECS to throw it away for me, may get a lesson 101 from him how I should not bake a cake and waste time and money.

So after 3 days in the fridge, it got too old. I had to pluck up the courage to throw it away.

I told C, this is the last time mommy would ever bake a cake again!!! Unless it is birthday...

C's birthday is coming in a month's time. And Danish moms usually bake their own birthday cakes....


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