Sunday 3 May 2020


Rowing Boat at Frederiksdal

Our Little FECS has been wanting to go rowing. Today is Sunday the weather was quite perfect for rowing a boat. Daddy FECS packed some sandwiches for us. We had our lunch on the rowboat.

We cycled to the first canoe rental kiosk.

 at Nybro Båd-& Kanoudlejning. But all the row boats were sold out. When we called just an hour ago, they told us that there were plenty. On hindsight, we should have reserved one on the phone.

 Thus, we cycled down to the second canoe rental kiosk at Frederiksdal.

They have two entrances. This is the first entrance, where rowboats are rented out heading to the sea. Since it was windy today, we were advised against rowing to the sea, but to stay on the lake.

 We went to the second entrance just across the road. Fortunately, there was just one rowboat left, and we took it. 

 Our Little FECS tried rowing a boat for the first time today.

The first place we went to, where the rowboats were sold out is:

Nybro Båd- og Kanoudlejning

Nybrovej 384

2800 Kongens Lyngby


Telefon: 28 14 39 19

Below is the second canoe rental place that we rented the rowboat:

It's contact details are:

Kanokajakcenter Udlejning

Nybrovej 520

2800 Lyngby 

Tlf.: +45 2099 6770

The folks there were actually friendlier than the one we went to earlier. Both rental places offer rental for canoe, rowboat, etc. for:

- 1 hour 150 DKK
- 3 hours 300 DKK
- 6 hours 400 DKK
- Full day 500 DKK

You have to show your ID and with them. They provide the life vest and paddles free-of-charge. The rowboat can sit up to 5 people.

We had a great fun.

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