Sunday 13 December 2020


Our First Time Cutting Down a Christmas Tree


This was our first time cutting down a Christmas tree ourselves. We were very excited. The plantation is in Roskilde. It took us approx. 40 minutes to drive there. The weather today was quite warm, around 6 degree celsius, unlike last week. With such mild winter weather today, it was really nice taking a walk among the Christmas trees. It was very beautiful, almost fairy-tale like to walk in the Christmas trees "forest". The kids enjoyed this activity a lot. Baby FECS was surprisingly patient today. It took us a long time, before finally selecting a tree. It cost 140 DKK per metre. We chose a small tree that was around 1m. Due to COVID-19, this year, the plantation didn't serve any Christmas goodies and food for sales. But there are cute Christmas decorations for sale.

They sell two species of Christmas trees, Normann and Rødgran. The Normann Christmas trees are twice more expensive per metre, but it has more dense needles than Rødgran and look nicer than Rødgran Christmas trees.

We will probably repeat this activity next week.

Below are the contact details:

Sandet 4
4130 Viby Sjælland
Tel: +45 20967701

Opening hours: 10 am - 4 pm

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