Wednesday 6 January 2021


LOVE (Part 1)


What is love?

Love is not an emotion. Love is an action that grows out of our attitude and thoughts. Love is a way of thinking and behaving. Emotion is the result of loving actions. 

Love is willing self-sacrifice for the good of the other that doesn't demand reciprocation i.e. love is doing something good for your spouse without expecting any returns. Manipulation is doing something good for your spouse expecting something in return.

There is no such thing as love without sacrifice because we will have to step out of our wants, our needs, our plans and our agenda. Love is always costly.

Love does its most beautiful work when the other person doesn't deserve it. We are all married to an imperfect human being in a fallen world. Our spouse and children are going to have bad days. Our spouse and children are inevitably going to say or do things that will hurt us. That's when love rises and lives out all of its beauty.

If we choose to love our spouse only when he/she deserves it, then none of us will ever express true love.

The good news is that love can be learned because it is not an emotion. If we simply wait for warm emotions to be there, we may wait in vain. But if we choose loving actions toward our spouse, we are setting in motion the cycle which stimulates warm emotion.

let us all build a marriage that goes the distance. 

That's true love.

How do I get this love?

We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). In our creepiest most unlovable days, we are still deeply loved by God. What an amazing love! And oh what a privilege it is to experience God so real in our lives. And out of the overflow of God's love overflows the love we give to our spouse and our family.

Here is a podcast that will help you to live out that love:

Here is the post to LOVE (Part 2):

"我们爱,因为神先爱我们。"約翰一書 4:19 

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