Thursday 5 August 2021


DAC Slide - Dansk Arkitektur Center - DAC

We tried something new in Copenhagen today. We went to an indoor slide at DAC. It's free for kids, but entrance for adult cost 90 DKK.

It's 40 m long slide from the top of the 4-storey building to the ground floor of DAC. DAC stands for the Danish Architecture Center or in Danish it is called Dansk Arkitektur Center. It is exciting to try. Baby FECS didn't dare to try it, even thought she is exactly 110cm in height. You have to be minimum 110cm tall and have a maximum weight of 150kg. Little FECS tried many times, and I took the courage to try twice.

You cannot slide down with your child. It can only be one at a time. You take a piece of black cloth near the entrance of the slide and put your feet into the cloth pocket. You then slide down sitting on the cloth. This is to protect you from friction and from wearing out your clothes.

It is free included in the entrance ticket and for unlimited tries. The entrance ticket or adult is 95 DKK. Entrance is free for kids below 17 years of age.

It is created by the international renowned German-Belgian artist Carsten Höller, who has done similar artworks in the form of slides in museums around the world such as Tate Modern in London. His idea is that the slide can replace escalator and lifts. Slides are faster, safer and environmentally friendly in his opinion.

The slide in DAC is financed by new Carlsberg fund.

There is also a bit of a outdoor playground just outside DAC (see pictures below). It's mainly small slides, and Baby FECS had a fun time there.



Opening hours:

Once a week on Thursdays, it closes later at 9pm

How to get there?

Take a train to Vesterport station. From Vesterport station, take Bus 26 very close to the door-step of DAC. Or you can take a train to Nørreport Station and walk 15 minutes from there.


Bus-stop for Bus no. 26 just here, almost right outside to DAC building as shown on picture.

Little FECS walking towards the entrance of DAC

Take the escalator or stairs down to the main entrance.

Main entrance of DAC.

The kids were very excited walking up the stairs to try the slide...

A close-up of the 4-storey high slide

Walking up the stairs to try the slide... very romantic and magical color stairs... remind Baby FECS of the unicorn colors :-)

We are at the top now. 

Just near the slide, you can see the basket containing the black slide cloth to be used with the slide. Take one piece of the cloth and queue for your turn. We came very late at 8pm and there were not many people after just two queues, we have the whole slide to ourselves :-)

It's Little FECS' turn...


Get set...

When the traffic light turn green... GO!

Second round :-)

Some other things to explore for the kids at the workshop room. We came late, the workshop was over, but there are some permanent kinetic exhibitions to explore for the kids.

Many different hideouts

I caught you... come out of the mouse hole :-)

Walking down the most beautifully colored staircase...

When you reached down to the second level, there is a camera for you take selfie souvenir... unfortunately it wasn't working that day :-(

This is the outdoor play area just outside DAC.

This is the slide more suited for Baby FECS... I had to drag her home when it was time to leave :-)

On the way there, just outside DAC, we saw two Danish policewomen on patrol on their handsome horses... what a sight treat :-)

Thank you for today. Bye DAC. Because the VR camera and the selfie camera weren't working, I was given another entrance ticket free to come again another day. We are looking forward to it :-)

DAC is also located near the water-bus... but since it was late, we went home instead.

Before we went to the DAC, the kids were hungry, so we had dinner and bubble tea.

Since the bubble teahouse closes at 7pm, we had buddle tea before dinner... oops... wrong order to serve food, dessert before main course... what's this mom doing!!!

We had our favorite Vietnamese pho noodles at Pho Hanoi (located between Central train station and Vesterport train station), which in my opinion serves the best pho in Copenhagen.

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