Wednesday 26 July 2023


Good Basketball Movies to Watch with Teenagers

What do you do with your teenager during the school holidays? Here are some ways to bond with them and at the same time inculcate good and healthy values :-)

If your teenage son is into basketball, below are some good basketball movies to watch with him:

These movies are motivational and teach teenagers about hard work, perseverance and the triumph of underdogs. It also models  faithfulness in marriage.

Mainly for boys:

1. Hustle (Free)

2. Stephen Curry: Underrated (59 DKK)

3. The Way Back (49 FKK)

4. The Sunrise Christian MOVIE! How Kennedy Chandler & Gradey Dick TOOK OVER High School Basketball (Free)

5. New Hope (2012) | Full Movie | Samuel Davis | Perry Frost | Ben Davies (Free)

6. For the Glory (2012) (Free)

This turns out to be a movie about soccer. This movie is based on a true story.

Mainly for girls:

1. Never Quit | Full Family Basketball Sports Movie | Family Central (Free)

2. Believe in Me

Other Christian Sports Movies:

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