Thursday 25 January 2024


Homemade Berry-Fruit Yogurt Bowl

Serves 1

1. 1 banana
2. A handful of fresh or frozen raspberries or a mixture of different berries
3. 100 ml natural yogurt
4. 1 tsp nut butter (optional)
5. 1 dried date pitted (optional, if you want to make it super-duper sweet :-))

1. 1 chopped strawberry (optional)
2. 1 handful of nuts and/or seeds (I use sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds here)
3. A handful of chocolate chips (I use a mixture of milk chocolate, white chocolate and raspberries chocolate)4. A handful of muesli.

1. Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Sprinkle with mixed seeds and raisins and serve :-)

Additional Information:

This week the children are hooked on yogurt bowls - how our breakfast rotation goes!!!

This berry-fruit yogurt bowl takes less than 10 minutes to make 3 bowls (including chopping up 1-2 strawberries) or 5 minutes to make 1 bowl, and is a healthy, tasty and nutrients power-packed breakfast filled with antioxidants, protein, good fat and good bacteria from the natural yogurt acidophilus. This is also one of the cheapest natural yogurt from the Danish supermarket and it is organic. 

Adding banana as the natural sweetener and adding the berries, and viola, it turns to a yummy fruit yogurt, minus all the preservative from the store-bought ready made fruit yogurt. You can substitute the berries with any of your preferred fruit.

To make 3 servings, we use:

1. 2 bananas
2. Handful of 100g raspberries or a mixture of different berries
3. 200 ml natural yogurt
4. 1 heap tsp nut butter (optional)
5. 3 dried dates pitted (optional, if you want to make it super sweet :-))

We try not to buy store-bought fruit yogurt as much as possible. They look very attractive to kids, but they are full of processed ingredients, chemicals and preservatives. 

Do not be fooled by the ingredient called "Naturlig aroma."

Naturlig aroma, for example, is a processed ingredient: A natural flavoring substance is a flavoring substance that has been produced by suitable physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes from vegetable, animal or microbiological material, either in its original form or processed. A much better flavoring is to add real fruits into the yogurt ourselves.

If we absolutely needs to buy store-bought fruit yogurt due to lack of time, then the product below is one of the best ones:

Here is how to make the homemade fruit yogurt:

Here are the ingredients.

This is the yogurt we use. It is organic, natural with only 0.4% fat, and one of the cheapest in the Danish supermarkets.

Blend everything together in a blender.

Add the desired toppings and ready to serve :-)

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