Thursday 4 July 2024


Encouragement for Your Marriage: Choose Grace


Grace, Gushing Grace

She left her toothbrush on the sink again!

He set the new toilet paper roll on on the wrong side! 

She always talks to my mom in that tone. 

He was late for dinner again!

Overlooking the same old offenses is tough for a lot of reasons. We think, "If you really cared, you would change." 

But sometimes our spouses (and we) are just profoundly human. 

We are keeping a tally and creating a culture in our homes that demands perfection rather than gushing grace. 

We are keeping that record of wrongs because it feeds that slight superiority over our spouse or gives us a reason to guard that grudge.

The world runs on giving us what we deserve, insisting that we perform in order to be loved, but our homes should be different.

What would it look like to choose grace

To let it go? 

Leave some wiggle room for each other, some warmth around the edges. 

Make your home a place of refuge from conditional love.


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