Friday 25 June 2010


The United Nations Sushi/Forenede Nationer Sushi/联合国寿司[lián hé guó shòu sī]

I am wondering what best to call this... and so far, I have decided to call it "The United Nations Sushi", because it gathered the best and healthiest food from around the world.

It is:
1. Spread with healthy quinoa from South America (instead of sushi rice, which is not as healthy);!/photo.php?pid=3312805&id=705043347

2. Filled with tuna salad from healthy Danish recipe;!/photo.php?pid=4300763&id=705043347

3. Using as base for the tuna salad, the healthy fromage frais, created by the French;!/photo.php?pid=4300585&id=705043347

4. And added healthy avocado, inspired by the US California roll;

5. Then wrapped with nutritious sea-weed, sushi-style from the Japanese;

6. Which is put together by me, a Singaporean

7. Best eaten with chopsticks created by the Chinese

8. And made specially for J, a Chinese-Danish-Singaporean

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